Grand Masters Letter of March 26, 2020


March 26, 2020

Good Afternoon my Brothers,

I hope you are all feeling well and being careful during this most uncertain of times.   This is certainly turning the way we do business upside down.  At work, I now have employees working from home and trying to keep staff at the office down to as few as possible.   Other than losing a bit of freedom and being with my brothers, the most disappointing part of this whole thing is that I am now classified as an elderly person which I wholeheartedly reject.

As we all know, the number of confirmed cases is increasing and both Local and Federal Government is clamping down.  The State of Rhode Island is doing quite well which is encouraging to hear.  Rhode Island Masons are doing their part to make sure we do not add to the number of confirmed cases and I applaud and thank every one of you for that. 

I am encouraged that lodges are keeping in touch with their members and widows to make sure they are all ok. 

Unfortunately I must continue my order that all Masonic Temples be closed and in-person meetings of subordinate lodges and concordant bodies in this jurisdiction be suspended until the end of April.  This includes my Testimonial which Brother Rapson has been working very hard on.

I have been meeting with the Grand Council and just last night, I held a virtual district meeting with the Masters and Secretaries of your lodges.   By Thursday night, I will have held virtual meetings with every district to discuss any concerns they may have.  I must say, this is a very efficient way of meeting and despite not physically being with my brothers, this is the next best thing.

Without getting into too much detail, let me take this time to let you know what we have been discussing:

  1. The manner in which a lodge meeting can be held.
  2.  Masonic Services
  3. The AED grant program
  4. Upcoming Annuals
  5. The Grand Lodge Office will remain open by appointment only.   Call 401-435-4650 to set-up an appointment.
  6. The Robert J. Allen Medical Center will remain open by appointment, only by calling  (401) 451-0184 until further notice.
  7. The Scottish Rite Office may remain open at their discretion.

Once again my brothers, thank you for your continued cooperation and I look forward to the time when we can be together once again.


Kenneth F. Poyton, Grand Master

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