Grand Masters Message

Grand Master’s Address to the Brethren in the April 2018 edition of The Freemason magazine

Brother Peter Iacobucci
Most Worshipful Grand Master

Fraternal Greetings Brothers,

Grand Master Peter Iacobucci

The sands of time in our Masonic hourglass are swiftly coming to a close. As I write this address my thoughts center on the fact that this will be my last RI Freemason communication as your Grand Master. Being so, I reflect not only on the year but also on many of our teachings. Especially the emblems attached to the Master Mason Degree. Those emblems are the embodiment of our Masonic life and encompasses the physical foundation of Masonic lodges as well as the behavioral lessons we embrace as Masons. Particularly the Beehive, the Anchor and the Ark, the Scythe of Time. The Beehive is self-explanatory as we must all "work together" for the common good of man. Each lodge is a beehive unto itself with its lodge tradition, social personality, and Masonic/charitable objectives. Every Lodge, whether realized or not, has a heading for the future.

That being said, the next emblem, the Anchor and the Ark, fits nicely as the lodge is steered into the future. It must navigate the tempestuous sea which I describe as the difficulties lodges experience between the brethren. Not all are on board with the direction of the Lodge. Yet, if we embrace the principles of the Beehive, how can we become that anchor that is dragged along slowing the Ark from moving forward and finding its new harbor. Not one person can definitively know the future and therefore support of new initiatives should be considered the wishes of the officers and supported. There is always opportunity to review and redirect. The journey is always to a new horizon not the old port. "New" means "new" in the fact that it has not been previously done.

What about the Scythe of Time? This emblem can represent our Masonic journey through the chairs of the lodge. We begin at infancy and move up the ranks which is our flourishing as we become Master of the lodge. Then when our year as Master is over we are cut down. An important part of this emblem’s explanation is to "nourish Mother Earth." If we exchange that phrase to read "nourish the lodge", it takes on an important meaning. As every Master ascending the ranks, he had a vision of his year as Master and wanted all the brethren to support him. As a Past Master too often we forget that we should continue to nourish the lodge and support the new visions. We all share in the health and future of Freemasonry. I will address this at the Annual Communication as well.

Grand Master’s Message

There is still much to do over the next few months as Gilly and I intend to enjoy every handshake, brotherly embrace, and fraternal smile. These are the moments that will last a lifetime. Gilly and I thank all the brethren, this jurisdiction, as well as all our sister jurisdictions for the support, friendship, and brotherly love. From our hearts we wish you all the happiness you have given us and may the Grand Architect of the Universe bless thee.

I congratulate R∴W∴Gil Fontes as he and W∴Jason Nystrom begin their journey to the Grand East and R∴W∴Robert Ellston and W∴Keith Moan as they ascend to the Grand Council. To the District Deputy Grand Masters and my line of officers, thank you so much by honoring our Grand Jurisdiction and serving this year.

In closing my brothers, in a few weeks our Annual Communication will be upon us and the Scythe of Time will greet me as well. Yet, the future holds hope as we usher in our 163rd Grand Master, R∴W∴Glenn Carlson, to steer the ship. I pledge my support to R∴W∴Carlson, the Grand Lodge Line, and the entire jurisdiction.

Gilly and I thank you for the opportunity to serve you and this jurisdiction.

Blessing to you all,

Peter Iacobucci
Most Worshipful Grand Master