An explosion of color!

July 30th, marked the day the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island hosted the International Order of Rainbow Girls Supreme Session in Rhode Island.

picnic 05The event brought together many young ladies from all over the country to join with us in what was said to be "the best time and most welcome they have ever felt", which is a true testament to what a success this event turned out to be.

The girls came from all parts of the country and many foreign countries and when they stepped off the bus they were simply awestruck by the park. They couldn't believe that we have access to such a place. Many coming from states that may be land-locked were captivated by the ocean view. Buttonwoods Masonic/Shrine Youth Park is certainly a place to be proud of!

Finally, the relentless days of 90 degree temperatures relaxed and gave us a well-deserved break. A nice ocean breeze made for a comfortable day for all. The families started arriving about noontime, settled in and set up the many tables of food and drink that normally accompanies this event. First Lady Maureen with a few of her helpers set up a bountiful display of food and drink which made "pick-ees" available for all to enjoy. Lunch consisted of a New England favorite, a savory lunch of New England Clam "Chowda" and clam cakes.

After lunch many took advantage of the pool if you were under 20 years old, while the rest of us just lounged around or walked the beach and maybe shoveled a few pucks around the shuffleboard court. Just when you thought you were safe from prying eyes this year's event saw the first ever spy in the sky. A drone hovered inconspicuously overhead taking video of our day as a memento, then we gathered at the baseball field for a group photo. I hope you all were well behaved, hum?

It was just about that time that the dinner bell or better still "Bullhorn" called everyone to dinner. Picnic fare of burgers (my favorite) and hot dogs (also my favorite) and all the fixings were available topped off with a cold slice of watermelon, sweet!

After a well-deserved rest from eating many burned off some calories by dancing to some oldies. They were truly some funky chickens in that group. Dusk set in and the anticipation of fireworks entered the conversation. The only problem was, with the night sky approaching the advent of a rain shower loomed close by, and after a couple of drops it was decided to start the show early. For all who persevered, they were treated to a first class display of fireworks and a grand finale that was second to none.

All in all the day was a true success that put "Little Rhody" on the map for Rainbow and RI Grand Lodge in the forefront of all New England. We may be small but we sure pack a punch. We have a great treasure that being our Masonic Park, and I'm willing to bet that not many can boast or equal what some who came before us thought to do.

In closing, many thanks to our Most Worshipful Grand Master and his First Lady Maureen, R∴W∴Ken Poyton and his Lady Colleen and all that helped make this a joyous occasion, it was a first class day. May God bless us all.