Grand Council of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations

M∴I∴ Mark D Thompson, GM

On June 25, 2016, the Grand Councils from Rhode Island and Massachusetts held a joint degree day. the Grand Council Degree teams of Massachusetts conferred the Royal Master and Super Excellent Master’s degree and the Grand Officers of the Grand Council of Rhode Island conferred the Select Master’s Degree.

It was a great day and 18 companions from Rhode Island and Massachusetts received further light in the York Rite bodies.

This degree day was first planned last summer at a York Rite membership committee meeting between the two states. The Most Illustrious Grand Master of Massachusetts, Robert C. Corr, mentioned that back in the 1980’s this was done every year. One year it would be held in Massachusetts and the next it was held in Rhode Island. The hosting state would also supply the dinner for the day so that after the degrees, a social time would be held with a soft ball game as well. For some reason, this faded away. It was at the membership committee meeting last year that Rhode Island and Massachusetts would revive this and Rhode Island would host the first outing. This was held at Mount Vernon Lodge No. 4 in North Kingstown.

All three degree teams did an outstanding conferral and it was interesting to see the differences in the degrees from each state. There were about 80 companions in attendance with about 60 staying for a Chicken BBQ, which was prepared by RE?Harold Ritter, Grand Scribe of the Grand Chapter of Rhode Island. There was also a drawing held to benefit Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation (CMMRF) and $150 was raised. Everyone had a great time seeing the degrees and enjoying the social time afterwards. We look forward to doing this again next year which will be held in Massachusetts on June 24, 2017. Details to follow at a later date.