"Thank You!" from the Deputy Grand Master

Brethren, I wanted to write a brief article thanking all of you for the support you’ve given me throughout my journey through the 5 districts and the Grand Council of this jurisdiction. This has been an extremely pleasant and rewarding experience for me.

There is no doubt that it is a direct result of the countless examples of friendship and brotherly love so many of you have displayed. I’ve enjoyed everything, from annuals and visitations to “Special Ladies” events. When your lodge had a semi-public installation or a dinner or other fund raiser, my lady Maureen always accompanied me. She asked me to express her gratitude for the warm welcome she always received from the brethren and their ladies. You can be sure that gratitude is heartfelt.

I also want to thank you all for the vote of confidence in electing me to serve as the next Grand Master of Masons in Rhode Island. I want each and every-one to know I promise to do my very best in every aspect of the position. I have no illusions about pleasing everyone all of the time but when my term is complete I hope every brother in this state thinks I was a good Grand Master and my decisions were fair. It is also very important to me that I don’t disappoint any of the brothers who have prepared me to sit in the Grand East.

Even though my year of service is still a ways off, we can be assured of a very busy year. Among the events we already know will occur in the Masonic year commencing at our next Annual Communication are:

  • The 225th Anniversary of Grand Lodge
  • The 150th Anniversary of Charity Lodge
  • The Supreme Rainbow Girl Assembly and Conference
  • Hosting New England Brotherhood Night in Rhode Island

I hope the sad times will be few and far between. Again, thank you all and I promise to do my best. I also apologize for using the word “I’ so many times – it just seemed to be unavoidable in a message like this!          

R:.W:. Stephen T McGuire