Statewide Open House

As part of the continuing program initiated by Grand Lodge to help raise awareness of Freemasonry in Rhode Island, all lodges in the state will host an open house on Saturday, October 17th 2015. Grand Lodges throughout New England will hold open house events on the same day. This coordinated regional event will help create a wide and positive image of Freemasonry.

This statewide open house is designed to give visitors an opportunity to learn about Freemasonry’s history and the role it has today. As in past open house events, a major goal of the program is to inform interested men about Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge Public Relations committee will provide extensive print and electronic media advertising to support the event. The advertising program will be supported by local media publicity for the event. Check the Grand Lodge web site, over the next few weeks, to see when and where the advertising program will run, tips on running a successful event and updates on the Open House Program.

This year the Open House web site will include templates for invitations to the event that lodges can customize for their use. As in past Open House events, lodges should locate their signs from previous events since these signs will need to be updated with the new date. Also, lodges should have an updated copy of "The Next Great Mason" DVD to be shown during the Open House. Questions about the event should be directed to District Deputy Grand Masters. Together with members of the Public Relations Committee, they can help your lodge create a successful event.