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Child Identification Program

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"CH.I.P" - as it is known throughout the Rhode Island Masonic community - stands for the Child Identification Program adopted by the Freemasons of Rhode Island which provides a significant community service to the many communities in Rhode Island.

All too often, we see or hear of a story of a lost, runaway or apparently abducted child.   This program is designed to facilitate the safe recovery of these youngsters by the authorities.

A two minute video is created and still images are captured of your child. These digital files are then written to a Compact Disc (CD). An Information Sheet is also printed out of your child. This sheet contains photo images, finger prints and detachable ID cards, both of these services are done free of charge, and handed directly to the parent(s) for safekeeping. All the images and information is deleted from the system after the CD and Information Sheet are created   -   If your child is ever missing, you can provide the CD with the digital information and the information sheet with the finger prints of your child to the authorities.  Law enforcement agency searches are enhanced by this expeditious information. It behooves you as concerned and protective parents to use this free service often.


If you would like us to provide this service at your next organizational function please contact us at the address or telephone number below, we would be happy to help.

Rhode Island Freemasons' Child Identification Program
222 Taunton Avenue, East Providence, Rhode Island 02914-4556

Please call us today:

Ph: (401) 435-4650
Fx: (401) 435-4423

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The Child Identification Program is provided as a free service