Under Dispensation 29 April 2014

The COLLEGIVM LVMINOSVM is a new lodge recently granted a Letter of Dispensation from within the Grand Jurisdiction of Rhode Island. The Collegium is being founded to serve as a center for academic research within Freemasonry, expounding on such topics as may be of interest to the members, and as a proper forum for Freemasons who enjoy the enduring works of Craftsmen throughout the ages.

Holding official communications only four times a year, with locations varying throughout the jurisdiction, the officers open Lodge in due form, and Light diffuses to all through the presentation and discussion of a peer reviewed topic. Brotherly love and affection imbues our evenings, as we close lodge in due form, and conclude by dining at a nearby restaurant. Our members, both within the jurisdiction of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and across the world, will also be part of a circle of correspondence that receives copies of the formal papers and will keep all informed of upcoming meetings and activities.

You are hereby cordially invited to submit your application to become a Charter Member of this society of Master Masons. Master Masons of all jurisdictions are eligible for membership, and must retain membership in a regular lodge other than the Collegium. Prior to receiving an official Charter from the Grand Master, we are inviting a select group of esteemed Rhode Island Masons, whom we know to be interested in the formation of such a society, to become Charter Members along with the seven Brothers who sought dispensation. Charter Members will pay an additional one-time fee of $150, in addition to the $100 dues set for the first year, allowing the lodge to pay origination costs, in accordance with the devised budget. Charter Members will be expected to assist, if requested, with the choice and review of papers, or act as a member of the Executive Board. Upon request, we are glad to provide the Bylaws and Protocol for the society.

If you are keen to sound the depths of Freemasonry and the arts and sciences, please fill out an application, or request further information.

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Charity Lodge No. 23

3965 South County Trail
Charlestown, RI 02813
(401) 486-5958

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Dispensation granted November 27, 1865
Charter granted May 21, 1866
Constituted November 9, 1866

Stated Communication: Thursday on or before the full moon in each month. If regular communication falls on January 1, July 4, November 11, Thanksgiving Day, December 24 or 25, the communication shall be held on the preceding Thursday evening.
Annual Communication: Second Thursday in October.



Adelphoi Lodge No. 33

18 Turner Ave.
Riverside, RI 02915   

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Dispensation granted February 5, 1876
Charter granted May 15, 1876
Constituted June 12, 1876 
Stated Communication: First Tuesday in each month except July and August.
Annual Communication: First Tuesday in January.

Driving Directions:

From Route #I-95/ I-195 intersection in Providence, RI simply travel 1.9 miles on I-195 to Exit #4 (Riverside). Then travel 4.0 miles along Veterans Memorial Parkway (which becomes Route #103/ Pawtucket Avenue). At 4.0 miles (just past the Riverside Liquor Store), turn left at the traffic light and proceed up Turner Avenue for approximately 200 Meters to St. Andrew's Lodge, which is on the left side of the road.  Park across the street in the assigned parking lot. Our lodge Tyler will greet you on the second floor.