Grand Master Visitations 2015

Semi-Annual Communication: November 21, 2015

Annual Communication: May 23, 2016


Grand Master's Visitation Protocol

The District Suite will assemble at 7:00pm and be received at 7:15pm. The Grand Lodge Suite will assemble at 7:15p.m. and be received at 7:30pm, for all Grand Master's Visitations. Grand Council, Grand Marshal, District Deputy and Grand Master of Ceremonies of the Host District will be in FULL DRESS (tails with white tie, white vest, white gloves). Other Grand Lodge Officers - Tuxedo, white shirt (no ruffles or pointed collars), black tie, with white gloves. Past Grand Masters and other Past Grand Lodge Officers - Dark business suit or appropriate conservative attire.

September 12, 2015 Special Visitation Collegivm Lvminosvm (Fort Adams in Newport)
October 5, 2015 East Bay District St. John’s Lodge #1
November 5, 2015 Northern District Morning Star Lodge #13
February 10, 2016 Southern District Hope Lodge #25
March 8, 2016 Metro District Overseas Lodge #40
April 5, 2016 Central District Harmony Lodge #9
May 12, 2016 Mother Lodge St. Andrews Lodge #39