Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternal organization. As Freemasons we live by an ethical and moral code that distinguishes us and creates an atmosphere where friendship and understanding can grow among men of every religion, race and culture. This is the public website of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island. If you're interested in our lodges, and maybe considering an application to join, click and visit our Lodges Page and our Petition Application pages

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Our site: what's changed?

Before you read about the site changes, not that the Grand Lodge Forms page has now moved away from the Library section and is now under the Grand Lodge tab. Click HERE to go to the Forms and Utilities page. 

We've made some changes to the site. We've recreated it using a newer version of the software which allows more flexibility in layout and article addition, better use of the calendar information throughout the site, and - probably the most important feature - is specially designed for use on smartphones, tablets & laptops. Viewing the calendar events, sending emails and calling phone numbers is available from clearly readable pages right on the smartphone screen.

The information on the site is all here but it's organized in a slightly different manner - using the tab menus at the top of the pages, special highlight boxes on the home page and elsewhere, and functional diary dates boxes appropriate to particular pages.

Grand Lodge tab contains links to Grand Lodge information, District contact information, and Grand Lodge diary dates. The Lodges Tab shows lists of lodges, maps, and lodge Annual Dates. Trestleboard and Programs Tabs are new areas to focus on the work we do throughout the state and some appropriate excerpts from The Freemason magazine. On the sub-menu there are new tabs for the Library, general masonic information, the ChIP program, and links to the PDF copies of The Freemason.

The Home Page features a visual slideshow. This is dynamic; the images will change regularly and focus the visitor to new or updated articles as we replace them. The Home Page also contained small "feature" boxes, also linked to specific articles of interest. These, too, will change. One of the goals of the site is to provide a mix of constant useful information and dynamic "news" articles reflecting activity across our Jurisdiction.

The Calendar is new. It functions differently from the old one. Currently, lodge regular meetings are not added but all Grand Lodge dates are listed along with Lodge Annuals. This version of the Calendar is especially useful on smartphones, since clicking on a date will show you the event information along with email address, location map, and phone number - all of which can be integrated right into your smartphone apps.  

The Library tab will be the home page forum for the remarkable amount of information amassed by Br Rick Lynch. Addition of this content will change this site into a truly informative and interesting online resource.

It's new, it's dynamic, and it will constantly change as we make plans, make events, and create our own dynamic Masonic life in Rhode Island. It should be easy for brothers to submit events and information and once this new site is stable and in good shape we'll make a form to do just that. 

Mike Southern

Medical Center

If you are in need of medical equipment or have equipment you would like to donate contact: Br. Robert J. Allen, PGM on the Medical Equipment Center cell phone at 401.451.0184 or 401.246.0865.   You can also email us at Read More

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The COLLEGIVM LVMINOSVM is a new lodge recently granted a Charter from within the Grand Jurisdiction of Rhode Island. Read More



"CH.I.P" as it is known throughout the Rhode Island Masonic community stands for the Child Identification Program adopted by the Freemasons of Rhode Island which provides a significant community service to the many communities in Rhode Island. Read More

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R∴W∴ Richard F Lynch Library and Museum

Our valuable resource for masonic artifacts and books from within our Jurisdiction and on loan from across the country. Read More

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Master Mason Rookie Award

The Master Mason Rookie Award is an official means by which we can achieve our membership goals Read More

Grand Lodge Seal

Passport Award Program

A Certificate and Award Pin will be presented to the Brother that successfully visits all RI Lodges Read more


New Wardens Workshop

The Wardens Workshop is designed to provide officers with insight about the responsibilities required of them Read more

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The Rhode Island Freemason

The Rhode Island Freemason is the bi-monthly publication of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island. See past issues here Read more

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