Freemasonry is the world’s oldest, largest, and most philanthropic fraternal organization. As Freemasons we live by an ethical and moral code that distinguishes us and creates an atmosphere where friendship and understanding can grow among men of every religion, race and culture. This is the public website of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island. If you're interested in our lodges, and maybe considering an application to join, click and visit our Lodges Page and our Petition Application pages

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Virtual Library

Welcome to Grand Lodge of Rhode Island's Virtual Library page. 


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Grand Lodge Officers 2015

Raymond E. Hassell (39)

  M:.W:. Grand Master
Stephen T. McGuire (4)   R:.W:. Deputy Grand Master
Peter Iacobucci (32)   R:.W:. Senior Grand Warden
Glenn S. Carlson (12)   R:.W:. Junior Grand Warden
Michael J. Barboza (40)   R:.W:. Grand Treasurer
Wyman P. Hallstrom, Jr. (32)   R:.W:. Grand Secretary
Kenneth F. Poyton (9)   R:.W:. DDGM-Metro District
Gary S. Kaufman (35)   R:.W:. DDGM-East Bay
Robert B. Ellston (8)   R:.W:. DDGM-Northern District
Robert A. Palazzo (32)   R:.W:. DDGM-Central District
Douglas J Grant (39)   R:.W:. DDGM-Southern District
Thomas R. Yeaw (28)   R:.W:. Grand Chaplain
Alfred M. Cameron (14)                R:.W:. Assoc. Grand Chaplain-District
Mekawy E. Elmekawy (35)   R:.W:. Assoc. Grand Chaplain-District
Carlton R. Wood (28)   R:.W:. Assoc. Grand Chaplain-District
Mark H. Robar (23)   R:.W:. Assoc. Grand Chaplain-District
Robert B. Lyle (47)   R:.W:. Assoc. Grand Chaplain-District
Christopher J. Hallstrom (32)   R:.W:. Assoc. Grand Chaplain
Rick Baccus (3)   R:.W:. Grand Marshal
Kenneth B. Phillips (1P)   R:.W:. Grand Lecturer
Robert A. Drisko (47)   R:.W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
Samual A. Miller (35)   R:.W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
Andre Faria (1)   R:.W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
Carl E. Richard (23)   R:.W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
Elliott R. Greene, Jr. (12)   R:.W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
Mark Peterson (39)   R:.W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
Andrew Daigle (1)   W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
Todd P. Derksen (9)   W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
John Barsoum (24)   W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
Manuel Lewis (40)   W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
David Crandall (20)   W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
James I. Ogilvie (9)   W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
Walter Neri (1P)   W:. Assistant Grand Lecturer
Paul J. Kokolsky (12)   R:.W:. Dir. of Masonic Education
J. Timothy Fitzhugh (28)   W:. Forum Director
David C. Lavery (1)   R:.W:. Grand Historian
Richard F. Lynch (1P)   R:.W:. Grand Curator/Librarian
Charles E. Bradley (30)   W:. Senior Grand Deacon
Thomas M. Holton Jr. (24)   W:. Junior Grand Deacon
Jesse H. Edwards III (9)   W:. Senior Grand Steward
William D. Stephens (6)   W:. Junior Grand Steward
Robert A. Sinclair (3)   W:. Grand Sword Bearer
Daniel Rzewuski (20)   W:. Grand Pursuivant
Frank A. Castleone (1P)   Grand Organist
Renaldo A. Simoes (32)   W:. Grand Standard Bearer
Elliot R Greene (12)   W:. GMC for DGM
Gilbert J. Fontes Jr. (48)   W:. GMC for SGW
Scott Alger (12)   W:. GMC for JGW
Michael R. Northup (4)   W:. GMC-Metro District
Mark E. Eddleston (47)   W:. GMC-East Bay District
Keith P. Moan (32)   W:. GMC-Northern District
William B. Ripley (32)   W:. GMC-Central District
Michael Barbera (39)   W:. GMC-Southern District
Francis P. DeVita (32)   W:. Grand Tiler

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Medical Center

If you are in need of medical equipment or have equipment you would like to donate contact: Br. Robert J. Allen, PGM on the Medical Equipment Center cell phone at 401.451.0184 or 401.246.0865.   You can also email us at Read More

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The COLLEGIVM LVMINOSVM is a new lodge recently granted a Charter from within the Grand Jurisdiction of Rhode Island. Read More



"CH.I.P" as it is known throughout the Rhode Island Masonic community stands for the Child Identification Program adopted by the Freemasons of Rhode Island which provides a significant community service to the many communities in Rhode Island. Read More

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R∴W∴ Richard F Lynch Library and Museum

Our valuable resource for masonic artifacts and books from within our Jurisdiction and on loan from across the country. Read More

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Master Mason Rookie Award

The Master Mason Rookie Award is an official means by which we can achieve our membership goals Read More

Grand Lodge Seal

Passport Award Program

A Certificate and Award Pin will be presented to the Brother that successfully visits all RI Lodges Read more


New Wardens Workshop

The Wardens Workshop is designed to provide officers with insight about the responsibilities required of them Read more

Operative masons

The Rhode Island Freemason

The Rhode Island Freemason is the bi-monthly publication of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island. See past issues here Read more

Operative masons

Grand Lodge Office

Grand Lodge of Rhode Island
222 Taunton Ave.
East Providence, RI  02914
P: (401) 435-4650

Grand Lodge Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:30am to 4pm
Weekend: Closed

Please call (401) 435-4650 for additional help and assistance

Contact Us

Grand Lodge Location